21 Jul
ISIC- The Best Hospital for promotion of Spine Speciality by Med Achievers.
21 May
Media coverage on Conquering Mount Everest in HT Mint
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My Dream

“My dream was to build a Hi-Tech Holistic Care Centre that would offer the world’s most advanced medical care to patients… that would be at the cutting edge of medical and surgical technology… that would play a leading role in path-breaking medical research and treatment… that would be equipped with the most sophisticated diagnostic laboratories… that would offer the most complete rehabilitation facilities and therapeutic care… that would set the standards in teaching and training a new generation of specialists… a hospital where every treatment a patient needs, would be available under one roof… where even the poorest of poor patients would receive specialized care free of cost… where people would heal in natural environment, surrounded by gardens… where patients and their families would receive expert psychological counseling… where the mind, body and spirit would be nurtured with compassion… a hospital, filled with hope and the promise of a life worth living…”